Antler Mask

mask made of bone and antlers


To make wearable antlers, first get a deer skull. Bust the cranium from underneath so you can make use of the brains (eat, mash to oil hides, etc.). Remove the furry skin, then scrape any fat or flesh off with a flint tool. Score and break off the antlers. Trim the nose, file it down. Drill two eyeholes. Bore a hole in the back so that a thong can be attached to the forehead.

Possible uses:

  • Ritual masks
  • Part of hunting disguise
  • Deer spirit object of devotion
  • Stag party hats

Deer antlers had the skin taken off them with flint tools and had a hole bored into the back of them so a leather thong could be strapped through it. The ends of the antlers were broken off trimmed, and the nose of the skull was also removed and filed down. The head-dress may have been used as a disguise by hunter-gatherers, but it is more probable that they were used as part of an outfit for special occasions.


Antler Mask