Antler Mattock

a piece of antler with a hole through the middle


This is a chunk of antler about as long as your hand. One end is blunt, and the other has a chisel-like flat tip. Around the center is a hole where you can insert a handle.

What’s it for? Whatever you can get it to do, actually. The best tools are the ones that do multiple jobs. When you sometimes need to travel light, that’s a good idea.

  • It’s handy for digging up edible roots.
  • If it had a handle, you could use the blunt end as a small hammer to crack nuts.
  • Used with a piece of bone for an awl, it can make holes for leatherworking.
  • You could use it to split wood if you hammered on the blunt end.
  • It could be used to straighten dart shafts held over a fire.
  • Passing cordage through the hole, you could tighten the bindings on something.
  • It might be useful as a wedge; it’s strong enough to split a large bone once there’s a crack somewhere.
  • If you had a bundle tied with ropes, such as a rolled-up sleeping fur, it could make carrying easier as a little handle.

Antler Mattock