Pyrite Striker


A pyrite striker is a rock that produces sparks if struck against another stone. That can be a second piece of pyrite, or a piece of chert such as flint. Sparks can be difficult to see by day but there is usually a faint smell of “brimstone” when this is done.

On their own, pyrite sparks are not that hot; they land on skin without more than a smarting sensation. Generally, the sparks would be caught on a small piece of Amadou or Chaga.

The chemical composition of pyrite is iron sulfide. The stone tends to have rusty color from the iron and yellowish color from the sulfur. Like chert, pyrite is often found with softer stone where there are fossils, such as limestone.


The shimmer seen on its surface is sometimes called Fool’s Gold. Large crystals, such as the pyrite found as a display piece for a collection at a rock shop, do not work well for starting fires.

Pyrite Striker